Welcome to the new website of Debra Hosseini. I use the imagery of the whale because symbolically the whale is the repository of all stories on the planet. The whale symbolizes emotional depth, creativity, and well being. The whale is the world’s largest mammal and teaches lessons in vibration and sound, hearing what is really being said, hearing the faint soft voices, the low frequency messages and remote bonds that are real and strong, though far away. The stories I write are about people who may not be heard. I feel the whale is a beautiful symbol for their voices. I chose a rainbow in the whale to depict not only the spectrum but the hope and promise that a rainbow embodies.


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by Debra Hosseini No wonder autism moms feel isolated and alone. Listen to this conversation I recently overheard at the park. You have to learn a different language to speak autism-mom talk. Don’t worry there is a glossary at the end. Mom 1: Does Matt have an ASD diagnosis? Mom 2: Matt hasn’t been diagnosed with ASD – he’s PDD, ADHD, LD, and has SID. Mom 1: What kind of interventions have you done? Mom 2 : Traditional ABA with DTT then switched to PRT. Mom 1: Are you doing RDI? That’s really good for socialization. Mom 2: Yes, we’ve also done RDI, [more]
My son Kevin has been diagnosed with autism and schizo-affective disorder. I believe that much of his psychotic behavior is due to seizure disorder. Caren Haines has written an informative book called "Silently Seizing." In the book Caren states that up to 70 percent of autistic people may have seizures. These are lodged deep in the brain and may not be apparent with an EEG. I will be writing a book review soon.[more]